Taxi Chaser

( 2nd year mini Project)

Our Circle

  • P.A.A. Iloshini - Leader(me)
  • W.M.P.S Weerasooriya
  • K. Thanushan
  • M.I.F. Rajiya

Problem Statement

Taxis are being used by most of the urban people for their day today traveling. But it’s hard to find a taxi immediately and it may not be compatible with user’s requirements. And also diffusion of the taxis are different from area to area. So some taxi drivers have to wait long time for an opportunity and some taxis have many opportunities. Still there isn’t any proper system to manage taxi orders within one place.

Scope of the Project

Nowadays people not have willingness to wait for a long time to fulfill their transport requirements. They are finding easy ways to satisfy their transport requirement within a short time. To reduce the inconvenience of transport system, we are going to introduce a new web base system calls “Taxi Chaser” for immediate access for a call taxi via the internet. Mainly this project depends on the GPS system. In addition we are going to use the database management system for this project. We have limited our project strictly to the town area which is more crowded than other rural areas.

Project Objectives

  •  Keep all the information about taxis which are in a covered area in a central database.
  • Provide easy access for a taxi according to increasing customer satisfaction.
  • To increase the earning opportunities of the units and reduce the fuel wasting.
  • To increase the employee satisfaction by increasing their income & they can ease access customers without spending more time.
  • Avoid money frauds and other security problems.

Target Group

Taxi users and Taxi drivers (individual or group)

Proposed Solution

“Taxi chaser” is a system that is used to minimize above complexities by using web based software solution. There are three major parts in this software system.

  1.   Web based easy taxi locating system with configured Google map ,which indicate the states and current location of the Taxi.
  1.   Local application which  manage the central web oriented Database, including driver and taxi details.
  1.   Android Mobile Application for sending the Geo location of the Taxi.

Configured Google map indicates the taxis on the selected area with the availability state. Customer can simply click on the pointers and refer the relevant taxi facilities and contact details. Owners can add new taxis via web application in the “Taxi Chaser” Web site.

Activity Diagram

Technology Adapted

We mainly used Java Enterprise edition to implement the Local application. Web site is designed by using HTML and CSS. We used PHP/Scripts and Jason for configure web application with database. Database is designed by using MySQL. Android application is developed by using android SDK 4.1(Jelly bean). We used eclipse IDE for java and android developments. All the web designs are hard coded.


According to the Questionnaire, objectives are covered near 98 percent. 


  1.  According to this system, the administrator can keep records about taxies and update them using central database without wasting time.
  2. Customers can easily find a unreserved taxi using GPS map of the specified area via internet.
  3. With respect to increasing the customer satisfaction, taxi Service Company & employees of the company can find lot of earning opportunities.
  4. The taxi drivers can connect with the customer without spending more time & fuel wasting. Because using the information of the GPS map, customers can directly connect with the taxi driver.
  5.  Through this system, avoid the money frauds which are made by individual unknown taxi drivers such as charging unfair charge rates because it let the customers to aware about our predefined hiring charges when they reserve a taxi. Updating GPS map shows the current place of the taxi driver and it increases the security status.

Web Application Interfaces

Configured Google map with taxi details

 A Website Form to register a new driver 

Local Application Interfaces

  Login Form of a local application for the administrator

 Main menu

New User application

Edit User application

New Request reading section

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