Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Funny Game "Egg Catcher"

This was some what different assignment i got to do in my Computer graphics lecture series. Even though we have knowledge to build a software system that helps to manage a task this kind of highly interactive application was never given. Challenge was build this application without using any king of a game development tool.

When we hear the word "Java", automatically draw a picture about the OOP concept in our mind. But using Java, we can make some entertainment things like games. Egg Catcher is a enjoyable game that should catch the dropping eggs by the player. While I was implementing this game, some codes that shown inside some links were very helpful to me.

I used Eclipse IDE for run this code as java applet.

Variables of the code are shown as this way.

You can start the game by double clicking.

The bucket is given to collect the dropping eggs. You can move the bucket into left side by cliking the "A" letter and move it into right side by clicking "L" letter.

Until the game reach to end, the eggs are falling.You should never miss the eggs. Unless your turns are decreasing.

Score will increment 20 if it's a golden egg and score will increment 10 if its just an ordinary egg.

You can see the interface of the Egg Catcher here.

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