Hotel Customer Service System

(3rd year Group Project)

Our Team Members

  1. Wilebadaarachchi P. B
  2. Iloshini P.A.A  (me)
  3. Rajiyaa M.I.F
  4. Ariyarathne K. A. S
  5. Jayamini M.P.W.D
  6. Sureskumar S

Problem Statement

Traditional customer service systems of hotels are mainly depending on the human resources. The cost of labor is highly considerable negative effect for the conventional system. In conventional system, the dependability or the speed of the response rate for the customer order is low. To reduce the inconvenience of the traditional system, we have introduced a novel system.

Target Group

The customers who are booking a hotel room.

Project Objectives

  • To provide a system that facilitates high quality customer service to the customer.
  • Develop an easy to use application for customers that save their time and schedule their works effectively.
  • To facilitates customer to get aware about the hotel environment, additional facilities, entertainment events and shopping facilities through the application.
  • Reduce the expenses that spend for human resource.
  • Increase the customer satisfaction level and retain the customer for long period.

Proposed Solution

“Hotel Customer Service System” is the application that is used to minimize above complexities by using mobile device. There are three major parts in this software system

  1.  Android Mobile Application for the customer who are going to booking a hotel room.
  2. Android Mobile Application for the customer service agent who provide the services that ordered by the customer.
  3. Administrative web based application to register customers, update the database, and show the total bill of the customer to administrator. 
Configured 3D map is used to identify the hotel environment by the user. He can get the wide range of idea about the hotel premises without previous knowledge.

Hardware, Software and Technology

Customer and Customer service agent’s applications are android based applications consisting android version 2.2 Ginger bread and API level 6. Web application is HTML/CSS site with java and php scripts. Database is designed by using MySQL and is on the web server.3D MAX 2012 Autodesk is used to design 3D objects and Unity 3D Pro 4.1.2 is used to design 3D map for virtual tour.


  • Customers can easily get the services without time wasting.
  • The 3D map helps to aware about the hotel premises without previous knowledge.
  • The hotel management can reduce the cost for the man power.
  • According to this system, the administrator can keep records about valid customers and update the details of them using central database without wasting time.
  • After ordering an item, the total bill is shown in the bill category of the mobile application. So the customer can easily control his budget.

     Interfaces of my project

    A Web based customer register form        

   A main menu of the customer mobile application   


 The application for ordering food items             

Customer calling application to the head chef


Message indicates that the customer order is accepted by the head chef

The application for ordering clothing item from shopping category

The customer application to check his total bill

The customer service agent application(Head chef’s mobile application)

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